Bank of Maharashtra
Bank of Maharashtra is an Indian bank based in the city of Pune. The bank was established in the year 1935 with an initial authorized capital worth Rs. 10.00 Lacs, although it became operational in the early phase of the next year. The bank got nationalized by the Government of India in the year 1969. With a total number of 1421 branches located all over India as of April 2009, the bank claims to have the largest number of branches within the state of Maharashtra, among all the Public Sector banks.

Commonly known as a common man's bank, Bank of Maharashtra adopts a philosophy of "Technology with personal touch", and follows its motto stating "One Family, One Bank, Bank of Maharashtra".

                 Products and services of Bank of Maharashtra
Bank of Maharashtra offers a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to the needs of its individual and institutional clients that include the following:

# Deposits
    Savings Deposit
    1. Mahabank Yuva Yojana 
    2. Mahabank Swasthya Yojana
    3. Mahabank Lok Bachat Yojana
    4. NRI External Account 
    5. NRI Ordinary Account

    Current Deposits
    1. Mahabank – Pearl & Sapphire
    2. Current Account Scheme

     Term Deposits
    1. Recurring Deposit Scheme
    2. Mahabank – Term Deposit Scheme
    3. Cumulative Deposit Scheme (CDR)
    4. Mahabank – Sulabh Jama Yojana 
    5. Quarterly Interest Deposit Scheme 
    6. Monthly Interest Deposit Scheme 
    7. Mixie Deposit Scheme
    8. Mahabank – Sheetal Jama Yojana 
    9. Mahasaraswati Scheme
   10. Mahabank – Trust Deposit Scheme
   11. FCNR Account 

 # Loans
     1. Agriculture loans
     2. Education loans
     3. For entrepreneurs
     4. For Corporates
     5. For individuals
     6. For exporters
     7. Housing finance scheme
     8. For professionals
     9. Mahabank Gold Card Scheme for Exporters
   10. Mahabank Adhar Scheme
   11. Mahabank Salary Gain Scheme
   12. Mahabank Renewable Energy Equipments
   13. Personal Loans
   14. Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme
   15. Mahabank Consumer Loan Scheme
   16. Mahadeep Solar Home Systems

# Services
    1. Credit card
    2. ATM Services
    3. BANCS
    4. DEMAT Services
    5. Distribution of Mutual Funds
    6. Bancassurance
    7. Mahabill Pay
    8. Executors and Trustee Services
    9. Capital Market Application (ASBA) 
  11. MAHAeTRADE (Online Share Trading Services)
  12. NEFT

Maha-Bharati NRI Services
   1. NR External A/C
   2. NR Ordinary A/C 
   3. RFC A/C
   4. FCNR A/C
   5. Inward Remittance 

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