Types of banks in India:
With an increase in the range of financial activities in the Indian banking sector, there are different  of banks that cater to specific requirements of the customers. Today, we have banks  catering to  customers through  personalized  services  and  banks offer specific services. Typically, banks can be  classified on the basis of their  ownership as  specified bellow:
1. NationalizedBanks,also known as Public Sector Bank.
2. Private Banks those are bellongs to Indian origin.
3. Foreign Banks those have branches in India.

But the current banking scenario has changed considerably. The following are the main types of banks in India (on the basis of activities):

 #  Privately Owned: These banks operate on a purely  profit basis. Also  called central 
     banks and new  generation  banks, these  are  controlled by the state  governments 
     of  their  respective  countries.  While   they  are  known   to  offer  quick,  easy  and 
     convenient  options for customers, they are not considered as reliable & committed 
     to growing the wealth of their customers as nationalized banks.

 # Publicly Owned: These  banks  are  operated  and  controlled  by  the  government. 
    These  banks  actively  maintain a  huge  number  of  operations  that  constitute  the
    country’s  liquidity  in  the  banking  sector. They  are  considered  safe,  reliable  and 
    committed to the customers and the process established by R.B.I.  

  # Retail banks: These banks deal with consumers and small business owners directly.
     The  major products  offered by  them  include  savings and  current  accounts, credit
     cards,  and  loans,  such  as  mortgages. These  also  cater to high net  worth  clients
     offering them wealth management services.These can be further divided into:

    1.Offshore banks: Most  of  these  are   private  banks  that  operate  in  spheres  of 
       reduced taxes.

    2.Community banks: These  banks operate  on  a  local  basis and serve  people and
       markets that have usually been devoid of banking services.

    3.Postal savings banks: These  banks  operate  in  collaboration  with  the   nation’s
       national postal systems.

    4.Building societies: Typically owned by their clients, these Kind of banks are offer a
       broad  range of retail banking services.

    5.Ethical banks: These  banks only acknowledge investments  that  are  socially and 
       environmentally useful.

    6.Business banks: These banks serve  medium  scale  businesses  &  organizations.

    7.Corporate banks: These  banks  typically  deal  with  major  business  entities.

    8.Investment banks: These banks help clients in  mergers and acquisitions  &  other 
       services related to financial markets. Some investment banks conduct underwriting 
       services only.Some investment banks are merchant banks that  perform  traditional
       banking activities related to trade-finance.

                               List of banks in India

    Nationalized banks
      1.  Allahabad Bank 
      2.  Andhra Bank 
      3.  Bank of Baroda 
      4.  Bank of India 
      5.  Bank of Maharashtra 
      6.  Canara Bank 
      7.  Central Bank of India 
      8.  Corporation Bank 
      9.  Dena Bank 
    10.  IDBI Bank 
    11.  Indian Bank 
    12.  Indian Overseas Bank 
    13.  Oriental Bank of Commerce 
    14.  Punjab National Bank 
    15.  State Bank of India (Commonly known as S.B.I.) 
    16.  State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur 
    17.  State Bank of Hyderabad 
    18.  State Bank of Mysore 
    19.  State Bank of Patiala 
    20.  State Bank of Travancore 
    21.  State Bank of Indore - (merged with SBI in 2010)* 
    22.  State Bank of Saurashtra - (merged with SBI in 2008) *
    23.  Syndicate Bank 
    24.  Union Bank of India 
    25.  UCO Bank 
    26.  United Bank of India 
    27.  Vijaya Bank
    [* State Bank of Indore and Saurashtra are now known as SBI]

    Private Banks
     1.  Axis Bank (Formerly UTI Bank) 
     2.  HDFC Bank 
     3.  ICICI Bank (Siddhashila) 
     4.  Kotak Mahindra Bank 
     5.  Karnataka Bank 
     6.  Yes Bank 
     7.  IndusInd Bank 
     8.  The Nainital Bank Ltd. 
     9.  ING Vysya Bank 

    Foreign Banks 
     1.  ABN AMRO Bank N.V. - Royal Bank of Scotland 
     2.  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Ltd 
     3.  American Express Bank 
     4.  Antwerp Diamond Bank 
     5.  Arab Bangladesh Bank 
     6.  Bank International Indonesia 
     7.  Bank of America 
     8.  Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait 
     9.  Bank of Ceylon 
   10.  Bank of Nova Scotia 
   11.  Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
   12.  Barclays Bank 
   13.  BNP Paribas 
   14.  Calyon Bank 
   15.  ChinaTrust Commercial Bank 
   16.  Citibank 
   17.  DBS Bank 
   18.  Deutsche Bank 
   19.  HSBC (Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) 
   20.  JPMorgan Chase Bank 
   21.  Krung Thai Bank 
   22.  Mashreq Bank 
   23.  Mizuho Corporate Bank 
   24.  Oman International Bank 
   25.  State Bank of Mauritius 
   26.  Shinhan Bank 
   27.  Société Générale 
   28.  Sonali Bank 
   29.  Standard Chartered Bank 
   30.  UBS 
   31.  VTB
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