Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India, is one of the oldest and largest commercial banks in India based in Mumbai. The bank currently has 3,563 branches and 270 extension counters across 27 Indian states. Central bank of India is one of 18 Public Sector banks in India to get recapitalisation finance from the government. The infusion of fund will improve the financial health of the banks as their capital adequacy ratio (CAR) will be raised more than desired level of 12 percent. The increase in CAR of the banks will also enable them to lend more money.

Brief History
In 1911 Central Bank of India was formed and it is the first Indian commercial bank which was wholly owned and managed by Indians.
In the year 1921 Central Bank of India was Introduction to the Home Savings Safe Deposit Schemeto build saving/thrift habits in all sections of the society.
In 1923, it acquired the Tata Industrial Bank
In 1924 An Exclusive Ladies Department to cater to the Bank's women clientele.
1926 Central Bank of India introduce Safe Deposit Locker facility and Rupee Travellers' Cheques.
1929 Setting up of the Executor and Trustee Department.
In year 1932 Central Bank of India launch there Deposit Insurance Benefit Scheme.
1962 Recurring Deposit Scheme.
In 1976 The Merchant Banking Cell was established.
1980 Centralcard, the credit card of the Bank was introduced.
1986 'Platinum Jubilee Money Back Deposit Scheme' was launched.
The housing subsidiary Cent Bank Home Finance Ltd. was started with its headquarters at Bhopal in 1989.
1994 Central Bank of India introduce Quick Cheque Collection Service (QCC) & Express Service was set up to enable speedy collection of outstation cheques.

             Products and services from Central Bank of India
Central Bank of India offers a comprehensive range of products and services to its individual and institutional clients that include the following:

# Deposits
  1. Cent Super Plus term deposit
  2. Savings Account with Personal Accident Cover
  3. Test WebPage
  4. Recurring Deposit with Personal Accident Cover
  5. CENT Uttam Scheme
  6. Monthly Interest Deposit Receipt (MIDR)
  7. CENT Tax Saving Deposit
  8. CENT Bal Bhavishya
  9. Senior Citizen Deposit Scheme
10. Money Multiplier Deposit Certificate (MMDC)
11. CENT Bachat Khata
12. Quarterly Interest Deposit Receipt (QIDR)
13. Central's Flexi Yield Deposit Scheme

# Loans 
  1. Cent Mortgage Scheme for Educational Institutes
  2. Cent Comp‐Exam
  3. Educational Loans to students belonging to Economically Weaker Section
  4. Gold Coins Scheme
  5. Cent Vidyarthi
  6. Loan For Purchase Of Hyundai Cars
  7. CENT Swabhiman Plus
  8. Cent Personal Gold Loan
  9. Scheme for Financing Executive MBA
10. Loan To Students Of IIMs
11. Cent Doctor Scheme
12. Cent Vehicle
13. Cent Trade
14. Cent Mortgage
15. Cent Computer Loan
16. Cent Liquid Scheme
17. Cent Buy
18. Cent Rentals
19. Cent Vyapari
20. Cent Multipurpose
21. Personal Loan Scheme (Corporate)
22. Personal Loan Scheme (Noncorporate)
23. Loans to Pensioners Drawing Pension
24. Personal Loan To Teachers
25. Personal Loan To Commission Agents LIC
26. Cent Vivah
27. Cent Jewel
28. Cent Safar
29. Cent School
30. Cent Kalyani
31. Cent Suvidha
32. Cent Home Loan Plus
33. Cent Swabhiman
34. Scheme of Interest Subsidy for Housing the Urban Poor (ISHUP)
35. Cent Kisan Gold Card
36. Cent Loan/Against LIC's‐Jeevan Astha
37. Central Kisan Credit Card
38. Scheme Of 1% Interest Subvention on Housing Loan Upto 10 Lakh
39. Direct Housing Finance Scheme (DHFS)

# ASBA Facility
 Application Supported by Blocked Amount or ASBA facility is available in the Canara Bank,
 is a better way of applying to issues by simply blocking the fund in the bank account; 
 investor will continue to enjoy interest in his account at contractual rate.

# International Banking 
 1. Facilities To NRIs Returning To India
 2. Facilties for Exporters & Importers
 3. Foreign Exchange Remittance Facilities to Resident Indians
 4. Gulf War Claims
 5. MoneyGram / ExpressMoney
 6. Non‐Repatriable
 7. Opening of NRI Accounts
 8. Repatriable Schemes

# Other Services
  1. Cent Prepaid Cards
  2. Visa Platinum Card
  3. Bank Visa Gold Card
  4. Cash Management Services
  5. CENT Billpay
  6. Bancassurance
  7. Mutual Funds
  8. Depository Services
  9. Central Card Electronic
10. Requirements
11. Salient Features
12. Central Card
13. Debit Card

# E‐Payment
1. Online Bill Payment
2. Central Excise & Service Tax Payments
3. Collection of Direct Taxes
4. DGFT Online E‐Payment
5. West Bengal State Govt.Tax 

For more information about Canara Bank please see there website
https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in (Official website)