What is Bank?
A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities, either directly or through capital markets. A bank connects customers with capital deficits to customers with capital surpluses.

What is Banking?
Banks act as payment agents by conducting checking or current accounts for customers, paying cheques drawn by customers on the bank, and collecting cheques deposited to customers' current accounts. Banks also enable customer payments via other payment methods such as telegraphic transfer, EFTPOS, and ATM.

Banks borrow money by accepting funds deposited on current accounts, by accepting term deposits, and by issuing debt securities such as banknotes and bonds. Banks lend money by making advances to customers on current accounts, by making installment loans, and by investing in marketable debt securities and other forms of money lending.

Banks provide almost all payment services, and a bank account is considered indispensable by most businesses, individuals and governments. Non-banks that provide payment services such as remittance companies are not normally considered an adequate substitute for having a bank account.

Banking scenario in India
Banking in India  originated in the last  decades of the 18th century. The first banks were The  General  Bank of  India  which  started in 1786, and the  Bank of  Hindustan,  both of which are now  defunct. The oldest bank in  existence in India is the  State Bank of India, which originated in the Bank of Calcutta in June 1806, which almost  immediately became the Bank of Bengal. This  was one of the  three  presidency  banks, the other  two being the Bank of Bombay  and the  Bank of Madras, all three of which were  established under charters from the British East India Company. For many years the Presidency banks acted as quasi-central banks, as did their successors. The three banks merged in 1921 to form the Imperial Bank  of India, which,  upon India's independence,  became the State Bank of India. 

Products of a bank
(It can vary bank to bank)

Retail Products
1. Business loan                      
2. Cheque account                   
3. Credit card                          
4. Home loan                            
5. Insurance advisor                
6. Mutual fund                          
7. Personal loan
8. Savings account

Wholesale Products  
1. Capital raising
2. Mezzanine finance
3. Project finance
4. Revolving  credit
5. Risk management
6. Term loan

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