Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank or, PNB is the third largest bank in India. It was registered on May 19, 1894 under the Indian Companies Act with its office in Anarkali Bazaar Lahore. Today, the Bank is the second largest state owned commercial bank in India with about 5000 branches across 764 cities. It serves over 37 million customers. The bank has been ranked 248th biggest bank in the world by the Bankers Almanac, London. The bank's total assets for financial year 2007 were about US$60 billion. PNB has a banking subsidiary in the UK, as well as branches in Hong Kong, Dubai and Kabul, and representative offices in Almaty, Dubai, Oslo, and Shanghai.

Brief History
In the year 1895 Punjab National Bank or, PNB was established. PNB has the distinction of being the first Indian bank to have been started solely with Indian capital that has survived to the present.
In 1904 PNB established it's branches in Karachi and Peshawar.
In the year 1940 PNB absorbed Bhagwan Dass Bank, a scheduled bank located in Delhi.
1951 PNB acquired the 39 branches of Bharat Bank (est. 1942)
In 1961 Punjab National Bank acquired Universal Bank of India.
1960 PNB amalgamated Indo Commercial Bank (est. 1933) in a rescue.
In year 1963 The Government of Burma nationalized PNB's branch in Rangoon (Yangon).
In 1969 The Government of India (GOI) nationalized PNB and 13 other major commercial banks, on July 19, 1969.
In 1978 PNB opened a branch in London.
1986 PNB acquired Hindustan Commercial Bank (est. 1943) in a rescue. The acquisition added Hindustan's 142 branches to PNB's network.
Year 1993 PNB acquired New Bank of India, which the GOI had nationalized in 1980.
1998 PNB set up a representative office in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
In 2003 PNB took over Nedungadi Bank, the oldest private sector bank in Kerala. At the time of the merger with PNB, Nedungadi Bank's shares had zero value, with the result that its shareholders received no payment for their shares.
In year 2004 PNB established a branch in Kabul, Afghanistan and a representative office in Shanghai. In this year PNB established an alliance with Everest Bank in Nepal that permits migrants to transfer funds easily between India and Everest Bank's 12 branches in Nepal.
In 2005 PNB opened a representative office in Dubai.
In the year 2007 PNB established PNBIL - Punjab National Bank (International) - in the UK, with two offices, one in London, and one in South Hall. Since then it has opened a third branch in Leicester.
In 2008 PNB opened a branch in Hong Kong.
2009 PNB opened a representative office in Oslo, Norway, and a second branch in Hong Kong, this in Kowloon.
2010 PNB received permission to upgrade its representative office in the Dubai International Financial Centre to a branch.

Personal Banking
    Savings Fund Account
    1. PNB Prudent Sweep
    2. Total Freedom Salary Account
    3. PNB Vidyarthi SF Account
    4. PNB Mitra SF Account
    5. PNB Rakhsa Karmi Bachat Khata
    6. PNB Shikshak Sweep Scheme
    7. PNB Shikshak Overdraft Scheme
    8. Scheme for Providing Overdraft Facility to Pensioners

    Current Account
    1. PNB Smart Roamer
    2. PNB Current Account

    Fixed Deposit Schemes
    2. FD Scheme for Road Accident Victims 
    3. Spectrum Fixed Deposit Scheme 
    4. Recurring Deposit Scheme
    5. PNB 555 & 1000days
    6. PNB 1111 days 
    7. PNB Bal Vikas
    8. Combo Deposit Scheme 
    9. Dugna Deposit Scheme 
  10. Lakhpati Deposit Scheme-A 
  11. Lakhpati Deposit Scheme(Recurring and Fixed Deposit)-B 
  12. Swecha Jama Yojna/Flexi RD 
  13. Tax Saver Fixed Deposit Scheme  
  14.  against term deposits

    Credit Schemes
    1. Housing Loan [PNB Flexible Housing Loan]
    2. Car Finance
    3. Two Wheeler Finance
    4. Personal Loan
    5. Professional Loan
    6. Education Loan Scheme
    7. Loan against Mortgage of Property
    8. Personal Loan Scheme for Pensioners
    9. Reverse Mortgage Scheme 
  10. Other Credit Scheme
  11. Advance against Gold and Jewellery

    Capital Gain Account Scheme-1988
    1. Deposit Account-A
    2. Deposit Account-B

    1. ATM/ Debit Card
        a. Classic Debit Card
        b. Platinum Debit Card
        c. MITRA ATM Card
    2. PNB Global Credit Card
        a. PNB Global Gold Card
        b. PNB Global Classic Card
    3. PNB World Travel Card
    4. PNB 3D Secure Service  

MSME Banking
    SSI Scheme(Manufacturing as well as services)
    1. Sarthak Udyami - Scheme for financing Micro and Small Enterprises 
    2. PNB Pragati Udyami    3. PNB Kushal Udyami 
    4. PNB Garrage Yogana 
    5. Loans for setting up Industrial Estates
    6. PNB Vikas Udyami - Scheme for Loans acquisition of ISO - 9000 Series Certification 
    7. SME Sahayog Scheme
    8. PNB Artisan Credit Card - Scheme to provide hassle free financial support to Artisan
    9. PNB Laghu Udyami Credit Card - A simplified Loan Delivery Mechanism
    Traders Finance

    Scheme for financing professionally qualified medical practitioners 
    Finance can be allowed for purchase, construction, addition, alteration, renovation,
    furnishing of Clinics/Nursing Home/Medical Centres and cost of medicines if any to be

   Gramin chikitsak scheme for financing of qualified medical practitioners in rural
   To set up Reproductive and Child Health Clinics in urban, semi-urban & rural areas in a
   rented premises.

# Agricultural Banking
    Agriculture Credit Schemes
     1. Scheme For Financing Under Pnb Krishi Card (Kisan Credit Card)
     2. Scheme For Package Loan To Farmers (Pnb Kisan Sampuran Rin Yojna)
     3. Pnb Kisan Ichchha Purti Yojana
     4. Credit Against Gold Ornaments/Jewellery, National Savings Certificates,
         Fixed Deposit receipts And Kisan Vikas Patra To Farmers
     5. Produce (Marketing) Loan Scheme
     6. Farm Mechanisation Scheme - Financing For Purchase Of Farm Machinery And
         Repair/Renovation Of Tractors And Powertillers
     7. Scheme For Financing Farmers For Purchase Of Second Hand Tractors
     8. Scheme For Financing Self-propelled Combine Harvesters
     9. Scheme For Financing Farmers For Purchase Of Trucks And Other Transport Vehicles
   10. Scheme For Financing Minor Irrigation
   11. Scheme For Financing Development Of Horticulture (Fruits,Flowers &Amp;
         Vegetables) and Plantation Crops
   12. Scheme For Financing Forestry Development Programmes
   13. Scheme For Financing Agricultural Graduates For Setting Up Of Agri-clinics and 
        Agri-business Centres (Acabc)
   14. Scheme For Financing Farmers For Purchase Of Land For Agricultural Purpose
   15. Scheme For Financial Assistance To Agricultural Graduates For Purchase Of Land And
        Undertaking Agricultural Activities
   16. Scheme For Financing Mushroom Cultivation
   17. Scheme For Financing Mushroom Spawn Production
   18. Scheme For Financing Setting Up Of Biogas Units
   19. Scheme For Financing Commission Agents/Arhtiyas/Dealers, Commission Agents / 
        Arhtiyas  & Amp;
   20. Dealers Engaged In Distribution Of Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Dairy Feed, Etc.,
         against Their Paid-up Stock
   21. Scheme For Financing Poultry Farming
   22. Scheme For Financing Dairy Development Programmes
   23. Dairy Vikas Card Scheme (Implemented In Select States)
   24. Scheme For Financing Fisheries Development
   25. Scheme For Financing Sheep/Goat Breeding/Rearing Activities
   26. Scheme For Financing Piggery Development
   27. Scheme For Financing Purchase Of Animal Drawn Vehicles I.E. Carts And Draft Animals
   28. Scheme For Financing Apiculture (Bee-keeping)
   29. Scheme For Financing Kitchen Gardening
   30. Scheme For Financing Green Houses
   31. Pnb Kalyani Card Scheme
   32. Nb General Credit Card(Gcc)
   33. Pnb Krishak Sathi Scheme(Kss)  

   PNB Farmers Welfare Trust
# Corporate Banking
   1. Loan against Future Lease Rentals 
   2. EXIM Finance 
   3. Cash Management Services 
   4. Gold Card Scheme for Exporters

# International Banking
    1. Offshore Banking Unit(OBU)
    2. PNB's Helpdesk Forex Services
    3. PNB's World Travel Card

# Financial Services
    1. Insurance Business 
        a. Life Insurance
        b. Non-Life Insurance
    2. Mutual Fund
    3. Merchant banking Overview
    4. ASBA
    5. Wealth Management Services

            For more information about Panjab National Bank please see there website
                                  https://www.pnbindia.in (Official website)