Andhra Bank

Founded in 1923, by the eminent freedom fighter, Dr. Bhograju Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Andhra Bank has come a long way in banking industry. Started with a paid up capital of Rs one lakh and an authorized capital of Rs 10 lakh, today it has a turn over of Rs 83,256 crores with aclientele base of over 1.74 Crores.Comprising of 1371 branches, 66 Extension Counters, 38 Satellite offices and 664 ATMs, Andhra Bank is rendering its satisfactory services to a plethora ofcustomers.

Adapting to the need of the day, Andhra Bank is stepping towards the Centralized Core Banking System with its 118 branches already computerized and a larger number of the same undergoing the process. Winner of the Best Bank Award, a banking technology award by IDRBT Hyderabad, Andhra Bank was amongst the first few banks to introduce Credit Cards in India in 1981. Banks is considering the proposal of entering into a joint venture in Malaysia in association with Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of Baroda.

                          Products and Services of Andhra Bank
Andhra Bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to the needs of its individual as well as institutional clients that include the following:

# For Retail


    1.   AB Savings Accounts
    2.   AB Current Accounts
    3.   AB Term Deposits
    4.   AB Other Schemes 

    1.   Housing Loans
    2.   Vehicle Loans
    3.   Educational Loans
    4.   Loans Against Gold for Non - Agricultural Purposes
    5.   Personal Loans
    6.   Mortgage Loans
    7.   Reverse Mortgage Loans
    8.   Loans Against Rent Receivables
    9.   Loans Against NSCs, KVPs, LIC Policies

    1.   Credit Cards
    2.   Debit Cards

    DMAT facility available in Andhra Bank 

    1.   OLTAS
    2.   RTGS
    3.   NEFT
    4.   ECS
    5.   Advance Tax Payment
    6.   Western Union Money Transfer
    7.   CMS

    1.   AB Bancassurance Life
    2.   AB Bancassurance Non Life
    3.   AB Arogyadaan Scheme
 Mutual Funds
   Andhra Bank provides Mutual Fund to it's investors.

# For Corporate

 Loans & Advances 
    1.   Fund Based Advances
    2.   Non Fund Based Advances
 Project Appraisal
    Project Appraisal Department  has a team of qualified  and  experienced professionals
    with domain knowledge in the various sectors, including technical, financial disciplines,
    to carry out appraisal of large projects.

 Syndication of Loans
    The Bank  has  been  offering its  loan  syndication services to corporates by arranging 
    financial assistance to their projects and operations.

# For NRI

    1.   Savings 
    2.   Term (Fixed) Deposits
    3.   Accounts for Returning Indians
    1.   Wire Transfer By way of SWIFT
    2.   Remittance Facility for NRIs in Gulf
    3.   AB SPEEDWAY
    4.   AB Lock Box Facility
    5.   Western Union Money Transfer

    1.   Deposit Loans 
    2.   Housing Loans
    3.   Educational Loans

    Government dated securities/treasury bills
    Other Investments on non-repatriation basis
    Investment in immovable Property

# MSME(Micro, Small and Medium enterprises)
    Andhra Bank is committed to extend its best services to Micro, Small and Medium
    enterprises and at a very competitive price.  

# Agriculture

 Short Term Agrl. Credit
    1.    Pattabhi Agri Cards
    2.    AB Kisan Vikas Cards
    3.    AB Kisan Sampathi

 Agrl. Term Credit 
    1.   AB Kisan Pragathi
    2.   AB Kisan Rakshak
    3.   AB Kisan Chakra
    4.   Rural Godowns
    5.   Purchase of Land
    6.   Dairy Agents
    7.   Kisan Bandhu

 Women Empowerment 
    1.  AB Mahila Sowbhagya
    2.  AB Self Help Groups
    3.  AB Mahila Jyothi

 Special Schemes 
    1.   Agri Clinics
    2.   AB Kisan Green Card
    3.   AB Suryasakthi

    Andhra Bank is pioneer in introducing many  innovative Rural Development measures
    since its inception.

For more information about Andhra Bank please see there website (Official website)