Dena Bank
Dena Bank is an Indian commercial bank based in Mumbai. The bank was founded by the Devkaran Nanjee family on the 26th of May, 1938. At the time of establishment, its name was Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company Ltd. Further, the banking company was incorporated as a Public Ltd. Company in December 1939, changing its name to Dena Bank Ltd. The bank was nationalized by the Government of India along with 13 other commercial banks in the year 1969.

Brief History
Dena Bank was established in the year 1938 on the 26th of May. It was set up by the family of renowned Devkaran Nanjee. The initial name of the bank was Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company Ltd. In the month of December in 1939, the bank became a Public Company and changed its name to Dena Bank Ltd. It was in the year 1969, that Dena Bank was made a national bank and the term Ltd was dropped from the name.

Dena Bank is one of the well known banks in the country and has a very good market share. Today, the bank has around 240 branches and around 150 ATMs across the country. The bank has already provided around 1.8 lakh debit cards to the account holders.

Dena Bank is one of the 6 public sector banks which have been sanctioned by the World Bank for the process of sanctioning of a loan of Rs.72.3 crore. The loan was given for the purpose of development in the year 1995. The World Bank has also provided the bank with technological training and expertise for the upgradation of its services.
The bank is also credited with the introduction of a credit card facility in the rural sector of India named as "Dena Krishi Sakh Patra". It was also created a Drive in ATM counted in Juhu in Mumbai. In order to enable customers to rate the services, the bank has also introduced the customer rating system. 

                           Products and services of Canara Bank

Canara Bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services to its individual and institutional clients that include the following:

# Personal

 Deposit Schemes
   1. Premium Savings Account Scheme 
   2. Premium Current Account Scheme 
   3. Dena Jeevan SB Account 
   4. Dena Maha Tax Bachat Yojana 
   5. Dena Super Premium Current Account 
   6. Dena Savifix Deposit Scheme 
   7. Dena Freedom Deposit Scheme 
   8. Dena Samruddhi Deposit Scheme  
   9. Dena Fixed Deposit Scheme 
 10. Dena Senior Citizen Scheme  
 11. Dena Recurring Deposit Scheme  
 12. Dena Loan Linked Recurring Deposit Scheme 
 13. Dena Minor Savings Scheme  
 14. Dena Alpa Bachat Khata 
 15. Dena Cash Certificate

 Loan Schemes
  1. Dena Niwas Housing Finance Scheme 
  2. Dena Vidya Laxmi Educational Loan Scheme 
  3. Dena Suvidha (Personal Loan) Scheme 
  4. Dena Auto Finance Scheme 
  5. Dena Consumer Durable Loan 
  6. Dena Trade Finance Scheme 
  7. Dena Mortgage Loan Scheme 
  8. Dena Senior Citizen Pensioners’ Loan Scheme 
  9. Dena Rent Scheme (Finance against Rent receivables) 

 Dena FinMart
  1. Dena mortgage
  2. Dena niwas 
  3. Dena rent
  4. Dena senior citizen
  5. Dena trade finance
  6. Dena vidya laxmi
  7. Dena auto finance
  8. Dena suvidha
  9. Dena consumer loan 

# Corporate
 Delivery Channels
  1. Industrial Finance
  2. Corporate Business

 Specific Schemes
  1. Educational Institutions
  2. Builders & Developers
  3. Hospitals 
  4. Hotels & Restaurants 
  5. Entertainment Industry 

# International Banking

 1. NRI Deposit Products

 2. Account Opening for NRI
     Accounts  can  be  opened  by  remittances  from  abroad or by transfer of funds
     from  existing  NRE / FCNR  Accounts  of  the  same  person  with other banks in
     India or from any branch of our bank.
 3. Remittances
     i) Dena indiaremit
    ii) Wire Transfer
    iii) Rupee Draft Drawing Arrangement
    iv) Western Union Financial services
    [Note: Remittance from abroad can be made in any of the above ways.]

 4. Loans and Overdrafts
     Loan/Overdraft against NRE/FCNR/NRO Deposits can be availe for NRI as per the
     RBI guidelines.

# Services
1. Core Banking Solution
    Dena Bank has core banking facilities in there various branches.

2. Delivery Channels
    i)  Internet Banking
    ii)  Phone Banking
   iii) Dena ATM Sevices

 3. Dena Alart Services
     Dena Bank has allart service for Customers who have provided the mobile no. at
     the  time  of  opening  of  the  account  would  receive  alerts on  occurrence of
     certain events.

 4. Dena BillPay
     Dena  BillPay  is  an  extremely  convenient  service that enables you to pay your
     various  bills directly  from  your Dena Bank account  without  the need for cash,
     cheques or standing in long queues. 
 5. Direct Tax Collection
     Dena Bank is  amongst  the scheduled  banks authorized to collect direct taxes,
     this is an dded convenience for its customers in more than 160 branches across
     the country.

 6. Bancassurance
    Dena Bank is the Corporate  Agent of the Life Insurance Corporation of India for 
    distribution  of  their  life  insurance   products,  this  is  another   value  addition
    for there customers.

 7. Indirect Tax 
     Dena  Bank  is  also  authorized to collect  indirect taxes  through there various 

 8. Distribution of Mutual Funds
     Dena Bank is committed to providing a wide range of financial services to there
     customers.  In  pursuance   of   this  commitment,  the  Bank  has  tied  up  with
     the   several  organisations   for  distribution   of   their   mutual  fund  products
     through selected  branches  across the  country.


10. Dena e‐Tax Pay 
      i)   EPayment of Excise and Service Tax 
      ii)  EPayment of Direct Taxes
     iii)  EPayment of State Government Taxes

11. Demat Services
     Dena Bank apart from normal banking services also offers the capital market
    oriented product to it's customers in the form of Demat account called - Dena
    Laxmi  Demat Account.

# Priority & SME
 1. Agriculture
 2. Regional Rural Banks
 3. Dena Shakti
 4. SME Announcement
 5. DRDF (Dena RUDSETI)                

For more information about Canara Bank please see there website (Official website)